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Fast Company at EST

"Ms. Hsu is gutsy and adorable" - New York Times

"At the center of the Fast Company story is Blue (a spunky, adorable Stephanie Hsu)" - Maxamoo

"Blue is played with charm and cheek by Stephanie Hsu" - Exeunt Magazine

"The actors playing the three siblings (Stephanie Hsu as Blue, Christopher Larkin as Francis, and Moses Villarama as H) make the sibling relationships very believable: that mix of antagonism, need, and affection, however reluctant." - NY Theater Now

"Stephanie Hsu as Blue let’s us catch on through her facial expressions and body language that there’s some kind of special, i.e. family, intimacy, between herself and her brother." - Let's Talk Off Broadway


Byuioo at Judson Gym

"The entire cast is remarkable but standouts include Dan Tracy and Stephanie Hsu, who play “Timon and Pumbaa”-like companions..." - Stage Buddy

"Three of the actors really stood out to me for both their comedic timing and the emotional weight they gave their characters: Stephanie Hsu as Bagheera, Jessica Frey as Tabiqua and Molly McAdoo as Mogo. In a very talented and thoroughly entertaining cast, they stood above the rest for me, most especially Hsu who, despite her small size brought the most and largest laughs of the evening." - Woman Around Town


The 100 Dresses with Atlantic Theater Company 

"A superb Stephanie Hsu" - TimeOut New York