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Currently in SpongeBob on Broadway!

Photo cred: Alex Schaefer

Photo cred: Alex Schaefer

Stephanie Hsu (pronounced "Shoe") is a New York based actor, born and raised in Los Angeles.
She is a proud member of the Story Pirates and musical sketch group Political Subversities.
When not performing, Stephanie can be found pickling radishes and fantasizing a life complete with an herb garden & maybe even an avocado tree. 

She is a Sagittarius
An Aquarius Rising
With a Moon in Pisces.

When Stephanie was in the fourth grade, she ran for student body vice president with the slogan "Stephanie Hsu is the Shoe For You!" And so it began. Yes, she won.

(And in the fifth grade, she ran for president with a variation on the same slogan. Except this time, "Stephanie Hsu is the Shampoo For You! (100% dandruff free." Yes, she also won.)